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Purchase the CD to be mailed.  Cost is $12

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- Recommended for those on dial-up.

Rumbles LIVE CD


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Rumbles LIVE CD Download


Purchase Individual Tracks.  Cost is $1 each

- Recommended if you are only interested in 1 or a few songs.
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- Some of these songs are not available on our CD.
- Songs are in mp3 Format (192kbps).


1. Ladies Night

2. I'm a Believer

3. Play That Funky Music

4. Disco Medley

5. Brown Eyed Girl

6. December, 1963 (Oh What a Night!)

7. Drift Away

8. Another One Bites the Dust

9. Hurts So Good

10. Stayin' Alive

11. Takin' Care of Business

12. Love Shack

13. Pretty Woman

14. Picture

15. Tequila

16. Summer of '69

17. Wild Thing

18. Amazed

19. My Sharona

20. It's Alright *

21. Heaven *

22. Sweet Home Alabama *

23. I Saw Her Standing There *

24. The First Cut is the Deepest *

25. Baby Got Back *

26. Margaritaville *

* Track is NOT on the CD. It is ONLY available for download.

There were several errors and funny little things that we stumbled on while going through our recordings.  Here are a few we would like to share.

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Blooper 1
Blooper 2
Blooper 3