Steve Hough - Drums, Vocals

One of the main reasons The Rumbles are still playing today is Steve Hough. Even though the band has experienced many personnel changes throughout the years, Steve has remained the drummer since it's inception in 1963. In 1970 when The Rumbles disbanded, Steve formed a band called "Horse" which lasted only a few years. In 1971, Steve got into the night club business and purchased and managed The Depot Lounge, a local night club in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In 1979, The Rumbles reunited for a "one-time" concert at Peony Park in Omaha, Nebraska. Because the event was a tremendous success, the band decided to start playing on a regular basis again. The idea was just to play once in awhile at the Depot Lounge. However, the demand was so great, they found themselves playing on a regular basis all over the Midwest. Steve sold The Depot Lounge in 1985 and took over management duties of the band from Eddy Haddad.

Steve plays drums and sings lead and backup vocals. Steve is also the owner and manager of the group.



Todd Henseler - Bass, Saxophone, Keyboard, Vocals

Bassist/Saxophonist/Keyboardist Todd Henseler returned to The Rumbles in July of 1999 after an earlier 8 1/2-year stint with the band.

Todd's music career began at age 4 with piano lessons and continued in his early teens when he joined his family's Dixieland jazz/pop combo. Family and career years ensued, and Todd didn't make the jump to rock and roll performing until his late 20's. But he made up for lost time by landing the Rumbles' bassist spot in early 1987, replacing original member Bud Phillips. Todd took a break from music in the summer of 1995 and was excited to rejoin his "favorite band".

Todd's interest in electronic music production and horn/dance arrangements helped the Rumbles expand their repertoire to include such styles as swing, funk, electronic dance, country and hip-hop/rap, performing songs by a diversity of artists including Glen Miller, Kenny G, Motown, the Bee Gees, Prince, George Michael, Sir Mix-A-Lot and Garth Brooks, as well as many more.

With an active stage presence, Todd enjoys performing for Rumbles fans everywhere. His biggest thrill is seeing all the smiles in the audience he's playing for.



Gayle Adams - Guitars, Vocals

Gayle Adams began playing guitar professionally at age 13 with his brothers in the "Adams Brother's Bluegrass Band". Gayle has gone on to play with many regional groups such as "Shootin' From The Hip", "Sandy Creek Band", and "Fast Movin' Train". Gayle's most recent project prior to The Rumbles was "Nine Live Cats" - a 10 piece Classic Rock Horn Band. Gayle has also played with Willie Nelson.

Gayle joined The Rumbles in May, 2000 and plays lead guitar, acoustic guitar and sings lead and backup vocals.



Tim Vasquez - Keyboard, Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals

Tim has humbly replaced Jim Lippincott as a member of The Rumbles. Tim's talents were honed while studying musical theatre in New York City and Minneapolis. On stage he will display those talents playing keyboard, guitar, harmonica along with singing lead and backup vocals. Tim's background includes religious gospel, folk, show tunes and now rock and roll with a variety of bands in the Midwest that have yet to showcase his musicianship in a way that The Rumbles will.

Tim has lived in Omaha all his life aside from his studies. He graduated from UNO with a degree in Accounting. Tim still enjoys Church music and always will but felt it was time to expand his music abilities and was anxious to get back on stage.