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dude u rock our socks!!!! we LOVE YOU!!! babe we are amazed by YOU!!!.TO:TIM!!!(we loved your indian hat! :D)
4 July 2007 - Hastings, Nebraska

Clint Jessen |
Another awesome show in Anita. From what I remember everybody had a blast. You better be back next year .or else
3 July 2007 - Anita/ Iowa

You guys rocked Danbury! Hopefully you will come back again.
1 July 2007 - Mapleton,IA

jackie sprenkle
i seen you last year on the 4th of july
28 June 2007

Randy |
Pretty cool show in Danbury! Please post pics!
26 June 2007 - IA

Bob Bergmann |
Haven't heard you guys since about 1966. I think it was the Chicken Inn in Creston Iowa or something like that. Now that I'm back in Iowa, I'm looking forward to attending one of your local gigs.
20 June 2007 - Ames, Iowa

Sampson Hillman |
You guys fuc@!n rocked johnson tonight!!
17 June 2007 - Syracuse Nebraska

Sydney Parker |
I thought the Rumbles were awsome. I wish they will come back to Tivoli Fest next year!
15 June 2007 - Elk Horn, IA

Jade Colburn
You guys are amazing. Thanks for choosing me and 2 of my best friends for gig girls of the week:)
12 June 2007 - Valentine, NE

Pam Sebeniecher |
hey you guys are great, i love your music. we saw you at Elk Horn, Iowa playing.
30 May 2007 - Elk Horn iowa

Jodie |
I am so pumped to get crazy this summer and dance my butt off!!! I can't wait to see you down around southwest Iowa!!
30 May 2007 - Gravity, Iowa

i'm so glad you guys came to ewing, everybody loved you and hope you come back next year!!
30 May 2007 - ewing, ne

jess p
you guy's rock!!!!!!
29 May 2007 - omaha,ne

The Fonner Park show was FABULOUS! Can't wait for next year!
5 May 2007 - Grand Island

Becky Kappel, Hannah Stenstrom, Kiley Bodden, Jennifer Fang
The Rumbles are our reason for living!!!!
1 May 2007 - Yankton SD

Jessica Leader
You guys were GREAT!!!!!!
30 April 2007 - Yankton South Dakota

Jade Christensen
29 April 2007 - Yankton SoDak

Christine Hausman
I can't wait to see you at our prom!!
27 April 2007 - Yankton

Samuel Main |
I love your performances
20 April 2007 - Wilber NE

Robyn Adkins |
I've always heard you guys were good. But you proved it when I finally got to see you at Ameristar Casino/Council Bluffs the first week of April. Wish you were here again sooner than September. I'l be watching for you in Council Bluffs and Omaha, NE. You're great. I love the oldies.
19 April 2007 - Council Bluffs, Iowa

conner |
i want to see you play again
17 April 2007 - glenwood/iowa

michelle&lacey |
Thanks 4 a wonderful eve.
15 April 2007 - Loup city

Sherrye |
Just seen you guys last night April 7 at the amerisports bar which is one of many I have been to. Love to come and see u guys as many chances as I get. I bring new people when I come and everyone I bring loves you guys like I do. Keep it up you guys are "THE SMOKIN HOTT"
8 April 2007 - Bellevue, NE

Kristy |
I was at the El Riad on the 31st pf march and what a rocking time!!! You guys really know hoe to have a great time thank you~
5 April 2007 - Sioux Falls

Lisa |
I now consider myself a Rumbles groupie! My husband have our weekend planned when you come to Ameristar, we try not to miss. The reason for this message is I love this song called "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts, everytime I hear it, I can picture Gayle singing it as I think the voice sounds similar. I didn't know if you ever considered taking in new songs, but would love it if you would listen to it to see what you think! We will see you at Ameristar on the 16th!! Gayle Rocks!
1 March 2007 - LaVista, Ne

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