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Kiley |
Thanks for rockin it up in Cushing, IA last weekend! It was an awesome guys ROCK!
1 August 2007 - Holstein,IA

Marilyn Point |
You guys are the best. I used to go to the Roof Garden when I was younger, and had a great time. I attended your concert in Cushing, IA on July 27th. You guys still rock. I am planning on coming to Arnolds Park on August 14th to see you again. Gayle be prepared for another leg rub.
30 July 2007 - Shakopee, MN

Darcie |
I've been to atleast 4 of your gigs this year, so far.they are calling me a Rumbles groupy now! Lol. Its so much fun ~ I love dancing to everything you play.Keep on rolling baby!!!!!!
29 July 2007 - Kiron, Iowa

it was a load of fun
27 July 2007

Tammy |
What a bunch of sexy bitches you guys are! I had fun on stage with you last Friday! See you again next year.
25 July 2007 - Grand Island, Nebraska

PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!! U DUDES ROCK'D Johnson, T-Town, 'N' Sterling-- Keep it up!! I'd like to see u in Elk Creek 2 its been 2 years since u were thurr.
16 July 2007 - Tecumseh, NE

Jodie |
Dancin with Gayle and Todd when they came down off stage singing, was an incredible experience and I totally loved it. You guys more than rock my world and are so enjoyable to party with! You have a deep impact of what it means to truly be cool and fun always! You guys are the greatest ever and don't forget it!
15 July 2007 - Gravity, Iowa

Chris Nieveen |
you guys rocked thanks for the shout out in sterling.
15 July 2007 - Sterling, NE

Joyce Young |
I've been a fan since the 1980's
15 July 2007 - Lincoln, NE

Thinking about our old friend this week. Oh, how the years go by.
13 July 2007 - Lincoln, NE

LOVE YOU GUYS. I try to make it to all UR Shows even traveled for some this time!!!!
11 July 2007 - Bellevue, NE

Megan |
Hi my name is Megan, I loved your Performance on the fourth of July that was awesome you guys did awesome!!!! I love you Tirk!!! You even signed my hand!
8 July 2007 - Grand Island Nebraska

Braydon Finecy
I love going to Brickyard park in Hasting,NE and just partying all night long lisining to you guys.
6 July 2007 - Doniphan, Ne

Sarah Haack |
We were at Brickyard and the concert was great! Thank you for letting me on stage to watch you and for signing my shirt ! We go every year just to see you play! Youre great!!
6 July 2007 - Fairfield, ne

Stacy Reed |
I was at the brickyard park in hastings and I just wanted to say that your show was awesome. Stacy
6 July 2007 - Riverton, Ne

You rocked last night!
5 July 2007 - NE

dude u rock our socks!!!! we LOVE YOU!!! babe we are amazed by YOU!!!.TO:TIM!!!(we loved your indian hat! :D)
4 July 2007 - Hastings, Nebraska

Clint Jessen |
Another awesome show in Anita. From what I remember everybody had a blast. You better be back next year .or else
3 July 2007 - Anita/ Iowa

You guys rocked Danbury! Hopefully you will come back again.
1 July 2007 - Mapleton,IA

jackie sprenkle
i seen you last year on the 4th of july
28 June 2007

Randy |
Pretty cool show in Danbury! Please post pics!
26 June 2007 - IA

Bob Bergmann |
Haven't heard you guys since about 1966. I think it was the Chicken Inn in Creston Iowa or something like that. Now that I'm back in Iowa, I'm looking forward to attending one of your local gigs.
20 June 2007 - Ames, Iowa

Sampson Hillman |
You guys fuc@!n rocked johnson tonight!!
17 June 2007 - Syracuse Nebraska

Sydney Parker |
I thought the Rumbles were awsome. I wish they will come back to Tivoli Fest next year!
15 June 2007 - Elk Horn, IA

Jade Colburn
You guys are amazing. Thanks for choosing me and 2 of my best friends for gig girls of the week:)
12 June 2007 - Valentine, NE

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