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Dolores Semin
Love dancing with your music. Hope to visit most of your summer shows.
21 April 2008 - Omaha, NE

Peggy |
Amazing! You guys were fabulous at Spring Fling Saturday night! The new music was great, you guys looked wonderful! Take care till we see you at Hot Summer Nights in July!
7 April 2008 - Harrisburg, SD

Connie Foster |
Can't believe you guys are still together. Abraham Lincoln HS 1960-1963 "Connie Bostwick" What happened to the original band members???? Update me.
1 April 2008 - Tulsa, Oklahoma

dominic jital |
hey guys! i love hearing you guys play you guys are great!!! AND i want to know where i could get your cd with Jim Lippincot in it he was great he could play like alomost every instrement what ever happened to him
1 March 2008 - glenwood ia

Jim Lamm |
My ears are still ringing from the last time I stood in front of you guys with my foot on the stage. It was late '68 or so at the Recreation Center in Iowa City Iowa. You were playing songs like "the Vogues Turn Around Look at me, Spanky and our gangs' 'i'D like to get to know you, as well as every other top 40 hit of the day.and with each song, you sounded as good or better than each artist. I even went out and bought "California My Way" on 45. I still have it! I have looked everywhere for my copy of "Jezeble" but I think someone stole it. You guys were such an inspiration to my band at the time, we tried to do everything like you. We eventually ended up opening for a band called "Fire and Ice" who at one time were called "The XL's". but our dream was to open for you. I'm still playing at 55 but now I am writing music with my 17year old daughter and a 15 year old kid named Lars who can already rival "Van Halen". Any way to get old songs from you guys? Jim Lamm
27 February 2008 - Fayetteville NC

Kat |
Love seeing you guys!! When are you going to update your "Gig Pic's"?
15 February 2008 - Omaha, NE

Darcie | darcie_larson@!
I had another fun time dancing to your music @ Ameristar Bar! You guys are great!! Thanks for playing my requests! Till next time.
29 January 2008 - Iowa

Cathy Staton |
We plan to be @ Ameristar the weekend after Valentine's Day. Sorry we will miss you! You are the greatest oldies group in the area!
27 January 2008 - Sac City, IA

Annette |
Was at the Saturday night concert at Ameristar. What a great show. Hope you come back really soon. Great music!!! P.S Is there any way I can get a schedule e mailed to me??
27 January 2008 - Council Bluffs,IA

The Alley - Lincoln, Nebraska |
The Rumbles will be back at The Alley, 1031 M, in Lincoln on Febuary 1st for our 3 Year Anniversary. Hope to see you all here! Cheers, The Alley
21 January 2008 - Lincoln, Nebraska

bob durham |
hey watched and seen you guys way back your great i played in a band in 1968 called marauders we did one song at sears studio thanks bob
11 January 2008 - la vista nebraska

Jackie Sprenkle |
Hey guys, was looking at the photos from July 4 in Hastings and just wanted to say hello. How ya doin' Tim??? Jacko
3 January 2008 - Hastings, NE

It was great to see you guys on Saturday at the Ameristar. I'll miss seeing you all. I plan to look you up the next time I'm in town. Best Wishes for the new year!
2 January 2008 - Bellevue, NE

conner lippincott |
when can we come see u again i see that u were at ameristar casino the other night maybe we can see u there somtime
2 January 2008 - glenwood ia

Carl Swanson |
I'm sure I saw The Rumbles at Sandy's Escape before it closed.
30 December 2007 - California

Coral Roland |
Long time fan from SW Iowa.
14 December 2007 - Ankeny, Iowa 50023

Kyle Koranda
You guys are awesome.
4 December 2007 - Seward, NE

George W. Madsen |
To Tim Valazuez Glad you are doing so well! Real Talkers Toasmasters misses your spirited involvement.
16 November 2007 - Omaha, NE

Bubbles Bass |
Absolutely loved watching you guys last weekend with my sisters "The Bass sisters".well be back another time to visit you and show off my fake leg again!!
7 November 2007 - Fort Dodge, Iowa

Rich |
Any idea where I could get a copy of the song Jezebel
6 November 2007 - Omaha, NE

Well.HOLY COW!!!!! Oh, what a night at El Riad this past Saturday! Our group enjoys you guys so much!! The new music sounded great! Gayle- shake your stuff boy!! Todd- loved the sax.! Steve- you rock back there, nice smiles! Tim- .AMEN brother!! Thanks for "bringing it" to Sioux Falls! I love the autographed CD. :-) Looking forward to Spring Fling!! Take Care!
30 October 2007 - Harrisburg, SD

Kirsten and Al Paulsen |
You guys are a blast! We have been at the El Riad for four years now and the "Old Lady in the Shower" with the Margarita and the "Monster Holding a Guy in a Cage" with the Senorita thank you for the furniture!
29 October 2007 - Sioux Falls, SD

Kristy rae |
Had a blast this weekend! See ya again in the spring! you guys rock!
29 October 2007 - Sioux Falls

Kaylee Eder |
Hi my freind kati wants to say something "Hey, i have heard your music and have 1 thing to say, YOU GUYS ROCK!" BYE
28 October 2007 - bellevue, NE

The Alley - 1031 M - Lincoln Nebraska
Can't wait to have you guys here next Friday night the 19th. Hope many of you fans can make it out to the Husker Pep Rally with the Rumbles. See you all here, The Alley
9 October 2007 - Lincoln, Nebraska

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